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The planet needs our help

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You can be a hero every day - It just takes a few minutes of your time to learn how!
Everybody knows about the problems we cause to our nature, to animals and to ourselves. Too much plastic waste, wood clearance and industrial livestock farming are only a few of the serious threats humanity is growing every day. But we don't do enough to solve that or to stop it. Scientists, companies, governments and politics need to do more to solve the big problems, but we individually need to do all the small things to prevent problems from increasing further.
Don't worry - most of those things won't even cost time or money.

Everybody can do something to save the planet – everyday!

Interested?  Let‘s go!


The main goal

The easiest way to support the environment is to become more responsible and to use less resources. There are many ways to achieve this and the key is to understand how our daily behavior impacts the environment. Don't underestimate this, because the more people save resources - the bigger the impact will be. The less resources we use, the less resources needs to be processed. It’s that simple. Keep this in mind and try to add ways to save resources into your daily routine. You will find a lot of these in the section "ways to help the planet".

Every small step counts!

let's see how much we can achieve by saving resources together:

A good example are coffee-to-go cups. Here is what happens, when we bring our own, reusable cup:

You, sparing 5 cups in 1 week = 5 cups less

5 cups x 52 weeks = 260 cups less

100.000  People x 5 cups in 1 week = 500.000 cups less

500.000 cups x 52 weeks = 26.000.000 cups less!


See? More people = more impact!

Add in more people and other products like plastic bags and you will understand the potential if more people are saving resources!


Ways to help the planet

Now that you have learned about the immense potential of daily resource savings, we should take a closer look at what we can do to support the planet. In fact, we can do so many little things - many of them won't even cost you time or money - but they all will have an impact because it adds up!

be heroic - be responsible!

Reduce animal suffering

Make a choice - because they don't have one.

Mass incentive farming is one of the biggest and worst problems of our planet. For all those animals it means a life in total misery and suffering. Its also one of the biggest reasons for the climate change.

The only way to reduce this, is to reduce your consume of animal products.

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the concept of

The purpose of this website is to raise awareness for environmental and animal protection, saving resources and waste prevention. Most people having a hard time changing their habbits or investing time or money for environmental protection so my goal was to focus on small things everybody can do or provide. I don't ask you to sell your car or become a vegan. But there are small steps we can take like saving energy or using bags multiple times. Everybody can do something to save the planet - everyday! And it’s important to tell others about it. We need to get more people involved! Thats why I created this website.

In the section „ways to help the planet“ you’ll find a lot of ways to help our planet. This is a growing list and hopefully I can add a lot more points over time. If you have any ideas or suggestions – let me know!

Environmental Protection and Animal Protection only work if more people participate in it.

In many cases it doesn‘t even cost time or money - just the will to contribute and support this planet.

Please share the website and talk about it, because more people = more impact!

Thanks in advance for your participation!

about me

Frank Hoppe

Portrait Frank_edited.jpg

My name is Frank Hoppe, I live in Germany and it bothers me a lot how we mistreat our planet and the animals. So I have build this website to raise awareness for saving resources and caring about the environment and animals. This of course includes reducing mass incentive farming - the worst development of the industrial age and one of the biggest reasons for climate change.

If everybody puts in some effort and changing their daily habbits, we can change a lot.

So I'm trying to reach as many people as possible to change their mind and their habbits to be more responsible and care for nature, humans and animals. You can help me by sharing this website with others. Or simply talk about it.

Everybody can do something to save the planet - everyday!

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it's all about awareness for environmental protection, animal protection, waste prevention and resource saving.

(Sorry, all videos only available in german language at the moment)

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Supporting success

My second goal is to raise donations for established organisations which fight for our environment or against mass incentive farming.
Their work is mostly realised through donations, so your help is highly apreciated.
If you want to help, you can donate savely through my actual campaigns to support them directly:


one earth - one ocean e.V.

One earth, one ocean e.V. aims to collect plastic garbage out of rivers to prevent the garbage from reaching the ocean. Microplastic is a huge and growing threat for animals, humans and the environment so their work is essential. Wide areas of the oceans are already heavily encumbered - much of this is caused by plastic that gets from rivers into oceans so thats why they put their focus there.


Mission Erde e.V.

They realize national and international projects to protect the environment. Lead by the sea biologist and youtuber Robert Marc Lehmann they work on multiple projects - for example, they collect ghost nets (abandoned fisher nets) out of the sea. Ghost nets are death traps for all kind of animals (fish, turtles, even birds...) so getting those nets out of the sea is actually preventing many animal deaths.

If you want to, you can also support me with a small donation. It helps me a lot, because this is a project I'm building in my free time and paying for equipment, website, domain and so on with my own money.
My campaign:
Every donated cent that goes beyond my costs will be either invested in growing the project or will be donated to the
„Albert-Schweitzer-Stiftung“ and „4 paws“ which fights against intensive mass animal farming.

Thanks in advance for your support and participation!
Frank Hoppe

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what to expect from this project

I'm just getting started!

Ths project will grow over time and I'm doing my best to add new content, so stay tuned for:

-my own youtube channel and videos

-challenges for youtubers

-challenges for the community

-Shirts and Bags from savetheplanet-everyday

-a growing list of ways to support the planet

-News Section


-Events like forest cleanups

-more to come

Big thanks

A BIG shout-out to everybody who helped making this website more known and established by sharing its link or the pictures from my social media. Your contribution is super important to improve it's impact.

Special thanks:

This website would just be a boring wall of text without the pictures. All images have been taken from and

I want to thank the following people for providing their pictures

Pixabay: Nicole Schüler, Siggy Nowak, WikiImages, Borko Manigoda, Katharina N., Free-Photos, Sarah Richter, silviarita, kie-ker, Albrecht Fietz, Clker-Free-Vector-Images, geralt, Gerd Altmann, H.Hach, Peter H., Benita Welter, Schäferle, Klaus Stebani, A_Different_Perspective, Larisa Koshkina, Tilgnerpictures, Gerd Altmann, Jarmoluk, Simon Bardet, kliempictures, Darkmoon_Art, Alexander Kliem,  MustangJoe, falco, pdpics, Innviertlerin, alexas_fotos, OpenClipart-Vectors, hagaiocohen, aderna, ejgn-20263309 and jplenio.

Unsplash: Vidar Nordli-Mathisen, Carl Kho, Dustan Woodhouse, Antoine GIRET, Minku Kang, Chandler Cruttenden.

contact me!

Thank you for your interest. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave me a message or write an Email.

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Danke für's Absenden!

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